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Video: Old Abram Brown brings “Tides” to Hunt Memorial Library (Cluster 1 Premiere)

on June 17, 2011, 3:20pm

ppr779 t Video: Old Abram Brown brings Tides to Hunt Memorial Library (Cluster 1 Premiere)

Libraries aren’t known for being havens of rock and roll. Sure, they house the greatest works of literature man has ever crafted (along with Dean Koontz books), but they don’t scream “Hey, let’s boogie,” That is, unless, you’re talking about the Hunt Memorial Library in Nashua, NH, which has become the backdrop for a series of spellbinding performances by rockers Old Abram Brown. The highlight of the whole endeavor, though, may be the stirring “Tides”, which Cluster 1 is happy to premiere.

Based out of Boston, MA, the band performed the entirety of their latest album, Restless Ghosts, live in the library, which now serves as a sort of historical relic for the city of Nashua. But the band’s sweeping, nostalgia-heavy sound brought the brick and mortar back to life. Their sound echoes through the old halls and massive ceilings, building to a fever pitch only to fade away slowly into the background. If that ain’t some kind of wonderful metaphor for books and life and the pursuit of knowledge, we don’t know what is.

Check out the video for “Tides” right now over at Cluster 1.

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