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Watch: My Morning Jacket plays VH1 Storytellers

on June 04, 2011, 11:12am

my morning jacket Watch: My Morning Jacket plays VH1 Storytellers

With a “decidedly more indie slant,” VH1 Storytellers followed up Ben Gibbard’s tales of conquest with an episode featuring those Kentucky boys made good, My Morning Jacket. As frontman Jim James noted near the beginning of the band’s 8-song set, “Normally, I don’t do anything, that’s why we thought this would be such a psychedelic experience… When I go to a concert, I just want to see the people play.” But, as he added, “You can always edit out talk, but you can’t put talk in that wasn’t there… those are words to live by here at Storytellers.” With that in mind, watch James discuss the stories behind tracks from their latest LP, Circuital, as well as their past classics. Also of particular highlight is James quoting the Beastie Boys prior to playing “One Big Holiday”; turns out the Brooklyn trio’s impact spans all the way to Kentucky.

“Wordless Chorus”


“The Way That He Sings”




“Lullabyes, Legends And Lies”

“One Big Holiday”

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