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Locksley – Locksley

on July 08, 2011, 7:58am
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With songs from their previous releases frequenting commercials and selected tracks appearing on games such as Rock Band, chances are even if you don’t know Locksley, you know them. With incredibly catchy choruses and interminable energy, the Madison, WI based quartet has been releasing tunes since the early 2000s. Their third full length LP Locksley is more of the same British Invasion-indebted, formulaic pop songs, refusing to hide influences and refusing to slow down the tempo. It’s a collection of frenetic, fun tracks that won’t drastically change the rock ‘n’ roll landscape, but will surely get toes tapping and heads bobbing.

“First things first,” lead vocalist Jesse Laz shouts in the opening bars of “The Whip”, launching into the crowd-friendly rousing chorus of  ’ohs’ and a danceable guitar riff. It’s this lighthearted spirit and open invitation for listeners to participate in the music, even from the first seconds, that makes Locksley so enjoyable. Each of the 11 subsequent tracks follow suit, following a pretty strict formula of tight, short bursts of energy with simple, atonal vocals and a infectious chorus. It works though, as tracks such as “She Does” and “The Way That We Go” recall the glory days of garage rock revival.

Though conventional, parts of Locksley make sure to prove that the band isn’t just another Hives knockoff. “All Of The Time” offers a sultry, bluesy guitar part that breaks the monotony of the handclaps and shouted choruses, and “Darling, It’s True” forgoes simple lyrics for a more narrative format. On the whole, Locksley is an immensely enjoyable take on pop rock that may not knock you off of your feet, but one that you’ll find yourself humming days later to get through a long afternoon.

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