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The Joy Formidable – Roarities EP

on July 12, 2011, 7:58am

The Joy Formidable has been one of 2011’s success stories. Critics have been largely positive towards their debut LP, The Big Roar, and the band’s catchy brand of shoegaze-infused rock. The Welsh trio has been winning over audiences in Europe and North America thanks to their energetic live gigs and performances at the Coachella and Glastonbury Festivals. The howl of The Joy Formidable continues with the Roarities EP.

Opening Roarities is a remix of “Whirring” by Innerpartysystem that swaps the noisy guitars of the original for an electro sheen, speeds it up for the dance floor, and replaces the stunning, My Bloody Valentine-recalling coda with its own throbbing beat outro. It’s a fun spin, but still the kind of blog house remix that seems to write itself nowadays. Better is The Naked and Famous’ take on “Austere”, which transforms the rocker into a warm piece of dream pop that just might outshine the original.

In addition to the two remixes of contrasting styles, Roarities also contains live versions of “Llaw = Wall”, “The Greatest Light Is the Greatest Shade”, and latest single “A Heavy Abacus” recorded at London’s Koko. They may not represent drastically different live interpretations or change perceptions of The Joy Formidable, nor do they warrant a full album, but these live songs reveal a band that can replicate both the sound and energy that made The Big Roar worth buzzing about. And besides, what better time than the summer concert season to give fans a taste of the live Joy Formidable experience?

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