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Cassettes Won’t Listen – “The Echoes”

on July 29, 2011, 3:36am

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

When Cassettes Won’t Listen, the indie/electro one-man band of Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Jason Drake, decided to call said project’s third LP KEVINSPACEY (eventually shortened to EVINSPACEY after threats of legal action from the actor), one might assume it was all a publicity stunt. But in the video for “The Echoes”, which Cluster 1 is proud to premiere, another line of reasoning becomes clear: Drake may be an auteur in his own right. Between performance shots demonstrating a Freudian obsession with his own noggin’, the eccentric musician is chased around a city by a man in a gold mask. The ending, though not definitive, spells certain doom for our cinematic hero. But it’s the kind of clip that will keep your eyes on the screen and your hands in a popcorn bowl.

Directed and Produced by: Vidoli of Black Wolf Productions