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Check Out: Wale feat. J. Cole – “Bad Girls Club”

on July 14, 2011, 4:24pm

wale j cole bad girls club Check Out: Wale feat. J. Cole   Bad Girls Club

Wale is a hard nut to crack. From the female empowerment anthem of  “Lacefrontin” back to the same old degradation of women/ode to the booty in “Bad Girls Club”, it’s hard to really tell how he views women (at least the song’s guest MC, J. Cole, seems pretty consistent). Until we hear another track from Wale’s Maybach Music Group debut Ambition, due out later this fall, we’ll chalk it all up to an artist discovering his place in the perpetually-changing social landscape of modern hip-hop. That is, unless he’s just a fan of that terrible show on Oxygen; then there’s just no excuses.

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