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CoS Readers Poll: What’s your favorite album & song of 2011 so far?

on July 01, 2011, 3:24pm

There’s nothing more delightfully intoxicating than having too much of a good thing – though, if it’s a stiff drink, you might have problem or two. In the case of good music, you can never have enough. And if we know our readers, then we’re pretty sure you’re just as neurotic and anal retentive as we are, and you love to name something “your favorite” or “the best.” Don’t worries, we’re not judging. Hell, most of us can’t even get a hot dog without debating what’s worth our time, and/or more authentic. (Note: If you’re in Chicago, it’s all about Flub a Dub Chubs – just sayin’.)

So, if you haven’t noticed, this weekend we’re about to light up some fireworks and eat unhealthy and chalk up a country whose professional sports leagues can’t get their shit together (or the state of Minnesota) and where Arnold Schwartznegger’s athletic life in the bedroom (or was it the broom closet?) outweighs the war in Afghanistan on the 24/7/365 nightly news cycle. It’s cool. Things will get better – maybe.

ANYWAYS, it’s the middle of the year – which means we’re halfway to the end, which means we need to sort our shit out (musically speaking, at the very least) – and we’re about due for a status check. Instead of us dishing out and speaking from our proverbial soapbox, we thought we’d hear from you. A-ha, how the tables have turned, huh?

Bottom line: Tell us what your favorite album and song of 2011 has been so far! Was it Panda Bear’s long-awaited Tomboy, Bon Iver’s fantastic sophomore LP, or the Foo Fighters triumphant comeback effort, Wasting Light? If you’re at a loss, try and remember some of the ones that slipped by (e.g. You do remember that R.E.M. and Beastie Boys had albums out, right?). As for songs, that’s anyone’s guess. Personally, we can’t stop spinning a little EMA and plenty of Destroyer, but hey, don’t ask us. This is all on you! You have seven months’ worth of great stuff out there to work with, so have fun whittling it down to one each. Ha!

We’ll share the results next week. Also please feel free to share/discuss your picks in the comment section below.