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CoS teams up with Side B!

on July 26, 2011, 6:00pm

In our continued efforts to connect you with your favorite artists and acts, Consequence of Sound/Cluster 1 has teamed up with alternative and independent mediablog, Side B, to deliver exclusive (and highly intimate) interviews for your viewing pleasure. So, now that you’re interested, you’re probably wondering, What is Side B?

Side B is a small independent production company that stays committed to promoting and exploring today’s most innovative artists. As a branch of the andPOP network, a small independent company that reaches over one million viewers across North America every month, Side B has already turned some heads – and rightfully so. With their ongoing series, Feedback, they’ve captured a slew of exciting and unique acts on film, including Dodos, Foals, Battles, Miami Horror, and Noah and the Whale.

For our first joint episode of Feedback together, Side B recently sat down with Manhattan’s latest hot indie couple, Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin of Cults. Now, don’t go in expecting just a standard interview. Instead of the atypical Q&A format, host and site curator Dan Busheikin has assembled a mini-documentary of sorts, packed with an array of Cults-related media and some proper insight into what many blogs are buzzing about. It’s the sort of thing you want your favorite bands to be a part of, really.

If you’re sold, check it out above, and stay tuned to Cluster 1 for future episodes.

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