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Foster the People – “Helena Beat”

on July 26, 2011, 3:30pm

In many post-apocalyptic scenarios, there’s a paradigm with who’s in charge. In some nuclear escapades, it could be a mutated version of some animal or branch of humanity. In supernatural scenes, it could be vampires or any other legendary creature. Director Ace Norton went with a Mad Max influence instead. The outlaw gangs rule the land and in this Foster the People video, the gang in charge is made up of children. Despite their small size and decidedly not intimidating appearance, they manage to capture and torture the entire band over the course of “Helena Beat”.  It’s a brutal ride, and a cool one at that.

Directed by: Ace Norton
Produced by: Melissa Larsen
Edited by: Mandy Brown
Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple