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Lemme Get an Encore: Incubus

on July 20, 2011, 2:55pm
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incubus1 Lemme Get an Encore: Incubus

It’s not really news anymore: Incubus have returned to the road. For the past month and some change, they’ve been hitting the touring circuit, all in support of their latest LP, If Not Now, When?. Although a mixed bag of an effort, fans should still look forward to their raucous, energetic live sets, usually packed with tight, awe-inspiring instrumentation and a slew of nostalgic moments.

Naturally, you’ll witness cuts like “Wish You Were Here”, “Drive”, and “Megalomaniac”, but what about some rarities? How about a few older favorites? With seven albums in the trunk, there’s always room for a surprise. So far in the tour, we’ve seen an eclectic mix – some that even made this list – but still, the odds aren’t usually in your favor. Nevertheless, here are 10 solid tracks that could make any Incubus gig that much better. With months left in their itinerary, you just never know…

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