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Life After Lesson Plans: A Hip-Hop Reality Show Episode 9

on July 01, 2011, 3:00pm

Life After Lesson Plans chronicles nerdcore rapper Random, aka Mega Ran, aka Raheem Jarbo, as he transitions from being a full-time teacher into a full-time rapper. Over the years, he’s been committing to his true passion only part-time, but now he’s ready to make the “big jump”. Lucky for you, he’s been documenting the whole journey for all his fans, both new and old, to witness.

In this episode Mega Ran and K-Murdock crash into nerd music epicenter: Orlando, Florida to play a show hit up local college radio station WPRK, and crash Disney World and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  Then it’s over to Lakeland for PariahCon for some acting and an incredible show.  All that plus a heart-to-heart questionnaire on Random’s thoughts after having left teaching behind and the road ahead.

Random is known in the nerdcore scene as Mega Ran, but is actually one of a few artists whose career expands outside the genre and into more traditional hip hop. He just happens to love video games. As the only rapper sanctioned by a video game company to use their music (Capcom), Random sports an amicable resume, working alongside producer K- Murdock (of DC’s Panacea), who’s been a DJ on XM Radio for eight years running his show Subsoniq. The two collaborate as Forever Famicom and tour together frequently.

Watch Mega Ran’s intro to Cluster 1 viewers below and click HERE to see all the episodes so far. Keep watching as reality unfolds week after week.

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