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Radical Dads – “New Age Dinosaur”

on July 06, 2011, 3:45pm

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

Pair some uber poppy low-fi rock with a fun, quirky sense of humor, and you’ve got the ingredients for the newest video from Gowanus Canal-based trio Radical Dads. “New Age Dinosaur” is the latest single from the band’s first full-length LP, Mega Rama (released June 14th via Uninhabitable Mansions), and provides the soundtrack to a video dating submission unlike any you’ve ever seen before. The viewer gets a glimpse at a day in the life of our resident bachelor Ben – and a rather funny glimpse it is. From kite flying to “cooking” to everything in between, you can’t help but laugh and root for the guy, all the while enjoying the insanely catchy track that complements the playfulness unfolding before our eyes. A good band with an equally good funny bone? Way to go, Radical Dads.

-Megan Caffery

Directed by: Shahin Izadi
Starring: Ben Felton

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