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Consequence of Sound’s 2011 VMA Predictions

on August 26, 2011, 2:54am
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vma Consequence of Sounds 2011 VMA Predictions

Some call it the “Oscars for youth,” but realistically, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) feel more like crack for gossipers. Controversy! Chaos! Glam! Anything can happen. It used to be waiting anxiously for Madonna’s next “big move,” whether it was her flashing some ass or offering some tongue. (Gross? Hardly.) Nowadays, it’s more about who’s going to screw up, what will be the grand upset, and, admittedly, who’s going to be the next “Kanye.” Keywords, people: sex and drama.

But that’s always been the case with the VMAs. Wait, you don’t actually think it’s a special award? Gimme a break. It’s a moon man. Can you even remember last year’s winner? Let alone those in the ’90s? Didn’t think so. But, you’ll always recall how Krist Novoselic attempted to give himself a concussion with his bass or Britney Spears’ dazzling skin-colored wardrobe or that one dude from Rage Against the Machine rebelling by, um, climbing a stage ornament. Or, wait, was that the MTV Movie Awards? Hmm. Whatever the case, it’s the exploits that stick with us, not the wins.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to offer some predictions, right?

-Michael Roffman

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