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Damon Albarn-led DRC Music details Congo album

on August 30, 2011, 1:44pm

drc music album Damon Albarn led DRC Music details Congo album

Last month, a collective of all-star producers known as DRC Music and led by Gorillaz and Blur honcho Damon Albarn traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with the goal to record a full-length album in just one week. On October 4th, they’ll share the result of their efforts with the digital release of Kinshasa One Two via Warp Records; the album’s physical release will follow on November 8th. All proceeds from the album’s sale will benefit Oxfam’s work in the region.

The collective, which included Albarn, Dan the Automator, XL label chief Richard Russell, and London DJ Darren Cunningham (aka Actress), recorded the 14-track effort in Kinshasa over the course of five days with local musicians. Right below, you can hear a three-song preview in “Hallo”, “Ah Congo”, and “Lingala”. The names and ordering of the album’s remaining tracks are further down this page.

“Hallo” (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge)

“Ah Congo” (feat. Jupiter Bokondji and Bokatola System)

“Lingala” (feat. Bokatola System and Evala Litongo)

Kinshasa One Two Tracklist:
01. Hallo (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge)
02. K-Town (feat. N’Gotshima and Bebson)
03. African Space Anthem (A.S.A) (feat.. Ewing Sima of Tout Puissant Mukalo)
04. Love (feat. Love?)
05. Lingala (feat. Bokatola System and Evala Litongo)
06. Lourds (feat. Yende Bongongo of Okwess International)
07. Respect of the Rules (feat. Loi X Liberal)
08. We Come From the Forest (feat. Bokatola System)
09. Customs (feat. Bokatola System)
10. Virginia (feat. Magakala Virginia Yollande and Yowa Hollande)
11. Ah Congo (feat. Jupiter Bokondji and Bokatola System)
12. Three Piece Sweet part 1&2 (feat. Bebson])
13. If You Wish to Stay Awake (feat. Washiba)
14. Departure (feat. Bokatola System)

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