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Emil & Friends – Lo & Behold Teasers

on August 26, 2011, 3:05pm

Here we have two surreal teasers for Emil & Friend’s upcoming record Lo & Behold. The first features a dark cabin in the forest, and some nice, tight shots of a man typing (on a rather fancy typewriter). As the typing speeds up, the rhythm between shots speeds up, and suddenly shots of flames burning a cage are interspliced with some additional craziness. Eventually, the track “Crystal Ball” takes full effect of your senses.

The second teaser is baptismal. The character is seen walking through a rushing river, probably somewhere in the great Northwest. Once above his waist, the man leans back into the current, and inhales a cigarette with great joy. It as at this point the song “Endless Waves” kicks in and takes you away. It certainly seems like Emil & Friends got the visuals down, let’s hope this LP kicks ass as well.

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