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Lemme Get an Encore: Blink-182

on August 03, 2011, 12:07pm
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blink 182 Lemme Get an Encore: Blink 182

Hey, everyone: Blink-182 is back! Sort of. If you’ve been reading your music news lately, you would know that Blink is kicking off a massive tour, promoting new material, and releasing singles. (I have to admit that “Up All Night” is cool, though it’s like Angels & Airwaves had a child with +44.). The best part of all this, however, is the aforementioned tour.

During my youth, and I don’t think I’m alone, Blink-182 was the band everyone loved or loved to hate. If you were the former, you had no problem sporting the t-shirts, trying to play pop-punk, and knowing all the words. If you were the latter, well, you talked a lot of shit, but still listened to Dude Ranch when your friends weren’t around. Nowadays, though, it seems that Blink-182 has evolved from everybody’s favorite punk band to something of a musical icon. It’s just a shame this isn’t 2002.

When Blink-182 toured years ago, they played oodles of their material, but in the recent years, they have focused on fresher tracks. Not that it matters, because when they do bust out the classics, the twentysomethings in the crowd go bonkers with nostalgia. But what about the oldies? Have they forgotten (or not realized) 1994’s Cheshire Cat is an amazing achievement? Fans will no doubt attend their shows and go hoarse singing along, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t want to hear “M+M’s”.

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