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Ministry reunites again for new album and tour

on August 24, 2011, 10:10am

Ministry‘s Al Jourgensen is the latest participant in a near death experience. In 2010, the industrial juggernaut went into a seizure and was rushed to the ICU, where he spent a week and some change receiving a blood transfusion – a 100% blood transfusion, that is. Now, he stands healthier than ever. (Editor’s Note: If that story doesn’t have “bad ass” written all over it, then no one deserves that title.) And much like Travis Barker before him, Jourgensen has come to a moment of clarity: He’s got to get the band back together.

So far, he’s on a roll. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Jourgensen states the Ministry lineup will include “usual suspects” Mike Scacci and Tommy Victor on guitars, Tony Campos on bass, drummer Arron Rossi (of Prong), and John Bechdel (of Killing Joke). Fans should be pleased to know Jourgensen plans on returning to the road in 2012, though right now he’s finishing up a new Ministry album – tentatively titled Relapse – due out before the end of the year, which he thinks is “the fastest and heaviest record [he’s] ever done.”

Per doctor’s orders, Jourgensen is keeping touring rather light. As of now, Ministry only has four U.S. dates on the calendar – LA, Chicago, Denver, and NY – with some European gigs planned, including Germany’s Wacken Festival. However, Jourgensen insists there will be more shows, so fans shouldn’t worry. Stay tuned for more information.

Okay, so who’s running to go and listen to Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs now?

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