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Paristetris – “Sponge Ideas”

on August 30, 2011, 2:30pm

A standard staple of many animated films is showing inanimate objects or animals behaving like humans do. Directors/animators Katarzyna Nalewajka & Paulina Szewczyk brought this device down to the deep blue sea for a darker take on everyday life. “Sponge Ideas” showcases the usual activities you and I do, such as taking a relaxing bath and sleeping in a bed. There’s a couple slight differences though in the protagonist’s routine. Firstly, it’s all stop-motion animation. Secondly, his furniture and an octopus keep attacking him.

“Sponge Ideas” is from the currently available Honey Darlin’ by Paristetris.

Directed and animated by: Katarzyna Nalewajka & Paulina Szewczyk
Camera: Emil Kumor
Edited by: Konrad Stycze?
Visual Effects by: Katarzyna Nalewajka
Color Correction by: / Marcelina Górka
Produced by: Zbigniew ?mudzki, Adam Ptak
Production Manager: Justyna Ruci?ska
Production Collaboration: Janusz Czubak, Jakub Bo?, Bart?omiej Kaszubski, Anna Mroczek, Ewa Wierzbowska, Wojciech Leszczy?ski

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