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Pepepiano – “Fallopian Dudes”

on August 30, 2011, 3:00pm

Eadweard Muybridge would loose his shit if he saw this video.  Back in 1878 he captured a racehorse in full gallop, with enough frames and detail to not just study the body in motion, but to create the first “motion picture” via a device called a zoopraxiscope.  Director Harrys, via OutHere Productions have taken that same primal principle of motion photography to the current, modern equivalent: Behold! A series of glorious shots of people jumping – over fences, into water, but jumping leaving the ground and via the magic of modern cinema their movement is slowed to a fascinating page of next to nothing as they leave gravity behind.  It’s a simple idea, but damn, it’s incredible to watch.

“Fallopian Dudes” is from Pepepiano‘s EP KING which dropped earlier this month on Speaker Snacks Records.

Directed by: Harrys
Edited by: David Sherwin
Produced by: OutHere Productions & Federico Sanchez-Llanos

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