The Call Up: Dave 1 (of Chromeo)

on August 18, 2011, 12:30pm

For those who have yet to experience the electrofunk sounds of Chromeo, there is no time like the present. The duo has been spreading the grooves off its most recent release, Business Casual, not to mention they’re recent remix EP, When the Night Falls, and now they’re gearing up for another lengthy trek. Recently, guitarist and vocalist Dave 1 took a few minutes off to speak to Consequence of Sound about all things Chromeo.

Don’t forget to wear those shades…

You guys are gearing up for a big tour. Are there any rituals you go through before hitting the road?

Not really. Nothing crazy. It’s more of the little things, like laundry and dry cleaning. I gotta buy a new guitar strap. We’ve been on the road a lot. I’m only in New York for three days, then we’re on the road again. I’ll bring my New Balance shoes, in case I feel like a run, Centrum vitamins, and Omega-3.

What is some of your essential tour gear, the things you can’t be without?

There are several clothing items that I take with me. My blazer. One time, when we were in Turkey for a show, I left my blazer behind, and our tour manager worked hard to get it FedEx’ed back. It took two weeks.

Do you prefer a festival crowd or a venue?

When we first started out, no one knew us, so we were trying to win over the audience. But now that we’ve been playing so much, more people are familiar with us. With a venue, we can be more intimate with the audience. We can’t play a slow French song at a festival. Every song has to be bumping at a festival to keep the crowd going.

I was able to catch you guys in Houston earlier this year at the Free Press Summer Fest. It was 105 degrees. How’d you handle that?

That was a cool show. It’s rare that you don’t see me with my blazer on, but I had to wear a t-shirt instead.

Do you guys ever get strange requests from fans?

We get requests for the song we did for Yo Gabba Gabba! We played it a few times live, but it didn’t feel right. We were thinking, “Why are we playing this?”

I love the music video for “Hot Mess”. Do you guys have any interest in doing a movie? Or at least maybe a Chromeo cameo?

Yeah, we’d love to. Our music videos have gotten more cinematic. We just finished up a video for “When the Night Falls”. The director went all out on this one. It’s a music video that lives up to the music. I’m sure it will find its way on the internet in the next two to three weeks.

Would you guys ever consider doing a soundtrack?

It’s a dream of mine to score a soundtrack. If you can put in a word with the director of the next Ghostbusters movie, we’d do it. Unless they ask Daft Punk, then I guess that would be okay.

In my head, I’ve always wanted to hear horns on some Chromeo tracks.

Oh, yeah. The next album is gonna have horns on it. When we played the JUNOs earlier this year, we had an orchestra and a harp, and it sounded amazing. You can definitely expect horns on the next album.

What can fans expect on the Night Falls tour?

This will be the tightest Chromeo tour. It’s gonna be our most complete show. More lights, a tighter sound, added effects, a kind of a thank you to our fans. It’s our last tour before we start work on the next album.

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