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Video: Cluster 1 explores the Lower East Side with Cro-Mags walking tour

on August 24, 2011, 8:44pm

newyork walkingtours Video: Cluster 1 explores the Lower East Side with Cro Mags walking tour

New York City is one of the planet’s musical Meccas. Go ahead and take a trip to the Big Apple and see if you can take more than a few steps in any direction without running into something sonically profound, be it a great new venue or a piece of antiquity. But since the city has so much to offer for the music enthusiast and history buff alike, it only makes sense that someone would at least step up and organize some sort of educational yet rocking tour. Cue NYC concert promotion company Rocks-Off and their walking tours of the rich historical landscape that is the City That Never Sleeps.

Rocks-Off is currently running two inaugural walking tours: The Past, Present and Future of Rock & Roll in New York City (led by Rocks-Off owner Jake Szufnarowski) and The History Of Art, Crime, Drugs and Punk Rock on the Lower East Side (led by John Joseph of the legendary Cro-Mags). But before you go spend your hard-earned money on either tour, Cluster 1’s own Sami Jarroush went on the latter tour with his trusty camera in tow. What follows is a wacky yet informative look at the various nooks and crannies of the Lower East Side’s punk scene by one of hardcore’s most influential names. Oh, and Sami is fairly entertaining as well.

Check out the video below, or head over to Cluster 1. Anyone interested in taking their very own walking tour can head here for tickets and additional info.

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