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Video: Cornershop – “Non-Stop Radio” (Casa Del Mirto Remix) (CoS Premiere)

on August 16, 2011, 8:53am

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While Cornershop‘s monthly Singles Club is still going strong (head here to get the latest single or anything you’ve missed), today the UK indie-rock outfit premieres the video for Casa Del Mirto’s remix of their single “Non-Stop Radio”. Along with the track getting a new interpretation, the production company behind the original video, Rocket Science, also remixed the visuals. The end result is more of the same wacky, wonderful collection of moving pictures, a blast of neon-colored psychedelic freakiness to make the rest of the week pass by in a shiny blur.

Along with the music video, also available below, make sure to check out the track along with two other remixes of the song (by Lorenzo Marinelli and Lorenzo Venturini) as part of the The Italian Job Remixes release, which is available here.

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