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Video: Kid Cudi – “No One Believes Me”

on August 12, 2011, 3:14pm

How’s this for efficiency: director Craig Gillespie recently helmed the remake to the classic “help, my neighbor’s a vampire!” flick Fright Night. Among the songs on the soundtrack is a brand new Kid Cudi track entitled “No One Believes Me”. In order to keep the whole vampiric vibe going and undoubtedly get the most out of the film’s sets, Gillespie took the film’s rough concept, dropped in a newly-vampirized Kid Cudi in place of hunky villain Colin Farrell, and presto, we’ve got the music video for the track, available for viewing above (courtesy of There’s lots of moody stalking, blood licking, and, of course, prerequisite hoodies to demonstrate how dark, angsty, and confused Mr. Solo Dolo really is. Plus, the track itself is a slow-burning, twisted little ditty. Together, video and song make us feel positive about Cudi’s newfound rock sound. A+ that is!

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