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Video: The Flaming Lips & Lightning Bolt – “I’m Working at NASA on Acid”

on August 24, 2011, 7:53am

lips lightning bolt video Video: The Flaming Lips & Lightning Bolt   Im Working at NASA on Acid

The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt’s recently released joint EP is a fascinating yet uncomfortable joy ride of ambient sounds packaged with what has to be the recorded vocals from a recent Wayne Coyne acid strip. Since The Day After Tomorrow is all Hollywood, and thus Dennis Quaid didn’t actually hike from D.C. to New York in giant blizzard in less than 48 hours, being able to sit through the entire four-track effort without the use of an animal tranquilizer is perhaps the greatest accomplishment known to man. With that mind, let us now introduce you to the visual accompaniment for the EP’s lead track, “I’m Working at NASA on Acid”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have been shot at NASA, nor are there any actual space themes. But if you’re looking for a lot of trippy visuals that culminate with an all-out explosion of sound and color, as well as shots of Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale with goo all over his face, then today’s your lucky day. Check out the clip below; Ben Gibbard, you’re next.

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