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Lady Gaga – “Yoü And I”

on September 06, 2011, 2:45pm

Well, everybody….Lady Gaga is back with more videos. As the new millennium rages on, Lady Gaga seems to have no problem holding her crown as the queen of modern pop music. Her new video for “Yoü And I”, features everything we as a collective society have gone to appreciate about Gaga and her visual performance. This video has the following: 1. Strange costumes, 2. Stranger hairstyles, 3. Somewhat gory and crude imagery, 4. Weird torture sequences 5. An interesting, catchy and well-written song that we will all try to hate and eventually accept that we love. She’s basically the Madonna of the YouTube era.

Directed by: Laurieann Gibson
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani
Production: Factory Features
Produced by: Steven Johnson
Creative Producer: Nicole Erlich
Editorial: Bonch
Edited by: Jarrett Fijal
Beau Leon
Telecine: New Hat
VFX: Baked FX

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