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Sondra Lerche – “Go Right Ahead” (Uncensored)

on September 13, 2011, 9:04pm

The production team here put together a paradox of living that every adolescent will experience by the age of 16. At the start of the video, two girls are in their room, filled with toys, dolls, and baby-hues. Once the two occupants are dressed, they’re sporting punk-rock type leggings with Metallica t-shirts. We get to see previews of two different lives; the young girl within, and the hardened shell of rebellion on the outside. The two girls climb trees, smoke cigarettes, and actively give the middle finger. This all goes down while Sondre Lerche sings on a boat!

Director: Mona Lerche
: Marius Hauge
: Daniel DeBiasi
: Gitte Witt, Vilde Fastvold and Christopher Abbott

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