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The Beach Boys plan 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour

on September 28, 2011, 1:13pm

beach boys The Beach Boys plan 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour

This past summer, The Beach Boys‘ frontman Mike Love hinted at the possibility of both a new LP and a reunion tour. He may have been telling the truth. As Rolling Stone reports, the California legends are planning some big things for their 50th anniversary, ideas that go outside the forthcoming Smile Sessions box set.

“We’ll do maybe 50 amphitheaters here and 50 or 60 overseas,” guitarist Al Jardine tells the magazine. “It’ll be whenever the buyers think is the best time for us. We’re wide open for that.” Recently, the surviving members – Jardine, Love, Brian Wilson, and Bruce Johnston – gathered together to re-record “Do It Again”, reportedly filmed for an upcoming promotional video for the alleged tour.

As for that much-discussed reunion record, it’s still too early to tell. While both Love and session vet Eddie Bayers have expressed their enthusiasm for the new effort – “Brian’s new creations are just unbelievable,” Bayers says. – Wilson, on the other hand, has been rather ambivalent. He states, “I don’t really like working with the guys, but it all depends on how we feel and how much money’s involved. Money’s not the only reason I made rec­ords, but it does hold a place in our lives.”

Stay tuned for more official plans; until then, we’ll keep treading water and wait for the waves.