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Video: Nick Mason talks Pink Floyd, The Shins "Breathe" on Fallon

on September 27, 2011, 4:00am

mercer shins Video: Nick Mason talks Pink Floyd, The Shins "Breathe" on Fallon

Kicking off Pink Floyd Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, drummer Nick Mason arrived at NBC Studios 6B to discuss the “crazy box set” of the group’s 1973 LP, Dark Side of the Moon. As Fallon noted, while fiddling about with the release, “There are three marbles, and I’m so confused…” Mason didn’t exactly explain the reasoning behind the goodies, but did acknowledge he felt it’d be the last time fans would have the opportunity to grasp physical material given that there’s “so much downloading going on.” The two continue their conversation, and true to Fallon’s nature, it’s hardly serious. In fact, the late night host quizzes the drummer-turned-car-enthusiast on the sounds of each of his own car engines. One little nugget to take away from the interview, and something plenty of acts this year will appreciate (we’re looking at you, James Blake), was when Mason admitted, “We wanted to be an R&B act, but we became an art band.”

Following the chat, James Mercer and The Shins tried their hand at Dark Side‘s “Breathe”. Surprisingly, Mercer abandoned his signature highs for some solemn lows. Behind him, however, the band possessed enough psychedelia and musical insight to sublimely channel Mason, Richard Wright, and Roger Waters. We’ll see the latter tomorrow night, when he talks with J-Fal and jams alongside the Foo Fighters. And, no, we’re not making that up.

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