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Wallpaper – “Stupidfacedd”

on September 07, 2011, 2:45pm

This is actually the “Stupidfacedd” (Mendez Moombahton Remix) (Premium Blends Edit) (Dirty). but who’s keeping score anyways? Visually, this Wallpaper video is on some Darren Aronofsky shit. Close shots and quick cuts are the New York filmmaker’s signatures, and they appear to be production squad Premium Blend’s interest as well. Basically, it chronicles a night out with that one friend everybody has. You know, the friend who goes to parties, acts super obnoxious, gets hammered, but somehow wins everybody’s hearts while simultaneously being “life of the party”. Yeah, our hero is that guy in this video, and judging by what goes on, I’d totally want to party with him.

Produced by: Premium Blend

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