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on September 01, 2011, 2:30pm

Theme parks are always a prevalent theme in the horror world. It’s like “Oh, don’t go into Whalom Park at night! Evil clowns, reapers, psychos, vampires, and monsters await behind every turn, and don’t even think about getting fried dough!” This is just a bunch of hooey, unless of course, the theme park in question is ABANDONED. Here we have Wonderland, a three-minute photographic documentary of a deserted theme park in China. Photographer Catherine Hyland has beautifully captured the decaying husk of what was to be the largest theme park in Asia.  With wide shots, creepy sounds, and unusual scenery, this video really does a good job of sending chills down your spine. You’ll never think of a place like Disney Land the same again.

Directed by: Catherine Hyland

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