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Youth Lagoon – "Montana"

on September 26, 2011, 3:15pm

Youth Lagoon is about to drop their debut album on September 27th (courtesy of Fat Possum), and this video couldn’t have gotten me more excited (and I had no idea who these guys were about five minutes ago). The track, “Montana” paints all the pictures of innocence, youth, good times, and fond memories. This video displays the same kind of images, but the memories aren’t warm and fuzzy. Our protagonist begins next to a car, which we eventually learn was his father’s. As he wanders his old home, town, and property, the memories of childhood come rushing back to him. Some are indeed warm, and a reminder of better times. At the same time though, the bad memories come back too, but those are the ones that make us who we are today. With a solid song, beautiful video, and a debut album on the way, Youth Lagoon is set to make a hell of a splash.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Tyler T. Williams
Assistant Director & Editor: Ron Torres

Tim Pakutka
Ryan Phipps
Joel Kliebe
Jaki Covington

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