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Billy Corgan starts pro wrestling group

on October 14, 2011, 2:30pm

billycorganfeature Billy Corgan starts pro wrestling group

Remember that Smashing Pumpkins video a couple months back? The 12-minute short film on female wrestling? It appears that frontman Billy Corgan is quite the fan. So much so that he’s opened up his own group in Chicago called Resistance Pro Wrestling. Recently, Corgan sat down with Fox News Chicago to discuss the new organization, which he stresses will bring back the “old-school” style of wrestling that’s been missing from the city. Through Resistance Pro Wrestling, he also hopes to increase awareness on the dangers of concussions. Towards the end of the interview, however, he naturally digresses a bit on the Pumpkins’ current lineup, and, true to his character, insists that, “Not everyone loves [him].” Oh, Billy. Check out the clip below via

Resistance Pro Wrestling’s first event takes place on November 25th at Excalibur. Meanwhile, the Smashing Pumpkins perform at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom tonight. Check back here later this weekend for full coverage.

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