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Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/6)

on October 06, 2011, 12:11pm
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c1 top 10 Top 10 Videos of the Week (10/6)

Good day, everyone, can you people believe it’s already October? Sheesh, Halloween is right around the corner, which means free candy, interesting costume choices (who’s Quailman this year?), and plenty of horror movies on TV. Oh, October is such a great month. Even as everybody begins to get ready for the impending hibernation, we over here at Cluster 1 are still plugging away at the web to bring you the best videos. You all may be getting ready to bundle up, but chances are your computer (or laptop, or iPad, or tablet, or phone, or whatever) won’t be too far away.

So, relax, yank out those thicker jackets from the back of your closet, and enjoy some cider as we show you the top 10 videos for the start of October. And remember, if you want to showcase your swag, go ahead and submit. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well! -Ted Maider

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