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Video: Pearl Jam brings "Mother" to Fallon

on October 01, 2011, 2:10am

vedderfallon1 Video: Pearl Jam brings "Mother" to Fallon

“Mother” has always been one of the more mellow, introspective tracks from Pink Floyd. Sort of a relief moment in the (quasi) abrasive concept masterpiece that is 1979’s The Wall, the tune charms the heart while slowing chilling the bone. It’s angelic yet spine-tingling creepy. Hearing Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder sing it, on the other hand, finds it at a perfect medium. Drawing the uber-entertaining Pink Floyd Week to a close, the Seattle rockers visited Jimmy Fallon and brought the celebrated track to life. At first, you think it’s just Vedder and guitarist Stone Gossard, but no…it gets “bigger”. After all, why else would they fly out the rest of the boys? Watch below! And if you haven’t overdosed on Floyd yet, go nuts here!