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Video: Portishead "Chase the Tear" on Fallon

on October 06, 2011, 4:00am

beth portishead fallon Video: Portishead "Chase the Tear" on Fallon

Fun fact: Portishead hasn’t performed on U.S. television since their 1998 appearance on Saturday Night Live. Given that they’ve returned to the States to properly support their 2008 LP, Third, it only makes sense that “the supreme ring leader of late night musical guests”, aka J-Fal, aka Jimmy Fallon, would snag the Bristol trio for their big return. No new single was debuted, though they did show off their most recent track, 2009’s Amnesty International single “Chase the Tear”. With Beth Gibbons slumped over the mic, Geoff Barrow at ease behind the guitar, and the stage’s static, blueish hues, the whole performance felt slightly funereal. It doesn’t help that drummer Clive Deamer - no doubt a familiar face for the Radiohead crowd by now – committed to one haunting, electronic heartbeat. All in all, a good sign for ticket holders of the band’s forthcoming U.S. tour. Check out the clip below via The Audio Perv.

The trip-hop act also unveiled “Mysterons” as a web exclusive. The morose little number continued the depressing proceedings of “Chase the Tear”, building a second act to the funeral as if to tell the tale of a wailing spirit in mourning. Yes, that is as mesmerizing as it sounds.

For vinyl enthusiasts looking for a nice Portishead-related find, the “Chase the Tear” single officially arrives on the format this weekend. On Saturday, October 8th, 200 lucky fans will have the chance to grab the autographed vinyl at New York’s Independent Label Market, courtesy of XL Recordings. However, for the not so fortunate collectors, the vinyl will be available at upcoming Portishead shows and eventually everywhere worldwide on November 14th. All proceeds remain towards Amnesty International. For more information on the Independent Label Market, click here.

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