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Video: Ryan Adams gets "Lucky Now" on Conan

on October 11, 2011, 2:25am

ryanadamsconan Video: Ryan Adams gets "Lucky Now" on Conan

In a recent (rather tumultuous) interview with LA Weekly, Ryan Adams discussed his latest LP, Ashes & Fire, noting how it’s not an album about love, but rather one “obsessed with time.” One has to wonder then how he felt about last night’s scheduling shifts. Thanks to the MLB Playoffs, TBS’ Conan didn’t air until nearly two hours past its time slot. While that doesn’t affect the show, considering it records earlier in the day, it doesn’t fare well for its viewers. Everything worked out fine, though. Alone at the mic, and wearing his Cobain best, Adams untied his latest single “Lucky Now”. As he strummed away and faintly whispered, “And the dark will bring you down/And the night will break your heart,” one couldn’t help but think it all ended up being a perfect late-night lullaby. Yes, time is an intriguing thing. Check it out below via The Audio Perv.

Ashes & Fire is currently available everywhere.