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Check Out: Fonda – "Some Things Aren't Worth Knowing" (CoS Premiere)

on November 03, 2011, 9:34am

betterdayslores Check Out: Fonda   "Some Things Aren't Worth Knowing" (CoS Premiere)

These days, despite heartbreaking news indicating otherwise, indie rock is still full of great power couples. And while David Klotz and Emily Cook of LA-based band Fonda aren’t the Win Butler and Regine Chassagnes of the world, their story is just as intriguing.

Fonda started some 17 years ago after Cook moved from dreary London to the City of Angels. Whilst at a movie, she had a chance encounter with Klotz, which lead to a band built on a mutal love of Farfisa organs and the musicals of director Jacques Demy. From 1998 to 2003, the pair, alongside a full line-up, released three full-length albums. Then, as the band says, life got in the way. Klotz and Cook got married, had a son, and found new careers; Cook is a screenwriter whose credits include Ratatouille and Gnomeo and Juliet, while Klotz is the music editor for Glee.

But like so many other bands before them, the musical itch returned, and Klotz and Cook put the band back together, in a way, with the vinyl release of the EP Better Days later this month (the effort first debuted in smaller circulation back in June). The six-track effort sees the band diffuse their unique blend of Technicolor, ’60s-style indie pop through the dark, haunting sounds of early ’90s My Bloody Valentine.

For a taste of that melodramatic blend, CoS is premiering the closinng track, “Some Things Aren’t Worth Knowing”. The high-energy cut features a blast of sweet, strummy guitars, organ playing that is both bubbly and almost disheartening, Cook’s vaguely ethereal, vaguely poppy vocals, and a last-minute wave of sonic crunch. Check it out below.

Fonda – “Some Things Aren’t Worth Knowing”

Check out the EP tracklist below. The vinyl re-issue of Better Days is set to hit stores November 22nd via Minty Fresh.

Better Days EP Tracklist:
01. Better Days
02. A Love That Won’t Let You Go
03. In The Coach Station Light
04. Sumemrtime Flight
05. My Heart Is Dancing
06. Some Things Aren’t Worth Knowing

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