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Check Out: Sonic Avenues – "Television Youth" (CoS Premiere)

on November 15, 2011, 2:45pm

sonicaves2 Check Out: Sonic Avenues   "Television Youth" (CoS Premiere)

Montreal, Quebec has a rich music scene known predominantly for its string of successful indie (see: Arcade Fire) and post-rock (see: God Speed! You Black Emperor) bands. In 2009, the jangling guitars and poppy melodies of the self-titled debut from pop-punk act Sonic Avenues buzzed their way through the din and pushed the band to impressive success. After selling out two printings of their LP, the band moved to Portland, OR label Dirtnap Records. Now, Sonic Avenues are set to release their next album, Television Youth, and you can hear an exclusive taste of the title track below.

On the new album, it seems the four gents have gone with a more-is-more modus operandi. Their press sums up the album, saying “Television Youth is punkier, poppier, louder and dirtier than anything they’ve done before.” Thankfully, all this “more” adds up to more of the infectious fun from their debut. The title track showcases punk’s fury and societal malcontent (“Television youth / intellectual destruction’s comin’ out on you”) alongside the group’s lo-fi, power-pop appeal. Short, fast, and sweet, the catchy as heck song is available below.

Sonic Avenues – “Television Youth”

Television Youth is out from Dirtnap Records on January 15th. Peep the full tracklist below.

Television Youth Tracklist:
01. Givin’ Up On you
02. Throw It Away
03. Television Youth
04. Late Summer Goner
05. OCD Vibes
06. Waste Away Alone
07. Fadin’ Luv
08. Static Attraction
09. Back Up Back Down
10. Always Looking For Something

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