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Lemme Get an Encore: Ryan Adams

on November 16, 2011, 1:00pm
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ryan adams oxford Lemme Get an Encore: Ryan Adams

Normally, our Encore features consist solely of hypotheticals. “It would be awesome if X would play Y.” “I hope one day X plays ‘Nausea’ again.” They create forums for us, fans of the artists, to break out what we would like to hear given the choice. Maybe a song that hasn’t been played live in years. Sometimes a song that hasn’t been played live ever. They are let loose into the pop-culture ether, with hopes that the wished-upon songs will reach the artists’ subconscious and shimmy their way into an upcoming setlist.

However, when referring to the [insert every synonym for “prolific” here, or just say prolific] Ryan Adams, there is a greater chance that this artist may actually read this article and lend us his ear. Adams has referenced various articles in print media on his Facebook page over the past couple of months, including a review from our own Dan Caffrey. So, Mr. Adams, if you are indeed reading this, know that we look forward to the rest of your tour and are thrilled to see your older songs coupled with those from Ashes & Fire. The fact that you’ve included selections from your Whiskeytown era makes us happy to no end.

The following is just a wish in the form of 10 songs we’d love to hear you play again sometime during your solo outings. Just wait until you’ve got a full band backing you again. We’ll have a whole new list to lay at your feet!

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