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Video: Dodos and Neko Case perform “Don’t Try and Hide It” on Fallon

on November 30, 2011, 2:29am

dodosfallon Video: Dodos and Neko Case perform Dont Try and Hide It on Fallon

“Yo, Neko, you free Tuesday night?” could have possibly been the text Meric Long sent to the acclaimed indie songwriter last week. Or, it could have been the producers at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Whatever the case, the two acts made the underrated weeknight special by taking 30 Rock to perform “Don’t Try and Hide It”, just one of nine tracks that make up the Dodos latest LP, this year’s No Color. Check out the clip below, courtesy of The Audio Perv, and start thinking of ways Neko Case can help your life. Also, don’t forget to hop on over to the band’s official site, where you can download unreleased track, “So Cold”. It’ll only cost you an e-mail.

Dodos’ new LP, No Color, is currently available everywhere.

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