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on December 12, 2011, 12:00am
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If you couldn’t tell from our collection of photos last week, we’ve covered plenty of live shows over the year. That’s why we felt it was unfair to peg one band as the best live act for 2011. It’s all about perspective, really. And genre. There’s an inordinate wealth of talent out on the road these days. From the arena downtown to the neighborhood bar around the corner, it’s a spoil of riches in any metropolis.

As the music industry evolves, you’re going to see more and more artists in your local concert halls. While not the most amicable predicament for them (you try living on the road; it sucks), it’s good news for fans everywhere. Music is meant to be experienced. Those long weeks spent staring at your ticket lying on your nightstand (or, in your office), it’s an exciting buildup. It’s probably the only situation involving music these days where we actually have to wait. For that reason, it’s pretty special.

Consequence of Sound put together a list of its five favorite live acts of the year. These were the ones that shook our feathers, the shows that had us saving our tickets, moving them from our nightstands and into frames, along with the posters. Hopefully, you did the same, too.

-Michael Roffman

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