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The Doozer – Keep It Together

on January 16, 2012, 7:58am
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On the outer edges of pop music lies The Doozer, backed by 11 band members, who together create music that makes them sound like their record collection is filled with hidden gems from ’60s psych/folk pop. The Doozer, who hails from Cambridge, UK, recalls The Zombies with his ear for instantly familiar refrains sung through a dramatic evenness that adds a twang of wistful theatrics. There are plenty of instruments and solos here – a string quartet, horns, a Salvation Army tuba, and piano to name a few – and as the backdrop for the narrative of Keep It Together, they create a warm and simultaneously unnerving mood that feels like Syd Barrett (on a good day).

On opening track “Burning Bright”, The Doozer pleads, “Won’t you stay? Won’t you stay?” By the time the upbeat, folksy single “Fold Up Chair” enters two songs later, the bright strum-along and Doozer’s hypnotic vocals have impressed upon you. His seemingly simple lyrics and hooks have an easy familiarity that harkens to a time period long past. But at times, the formula starts to sound a bit tired.

Often the hooks on Keep It Together are repeated questions left unanswered and seemingly simple, stated facts (“One and one. There’s two of everything”) stretched out to clear the way for a string solo. While such a pattern fits the tone and narrative quality of his songs, even at just over 40 minutes in length, the lyrical makeup of the bulk of Keep It Together is either a bit too long or a bit too repetitive. The music, however, is continually engaging. With the wide variety of instruments and a whole cast of band members to create with, The Doozer’s latest effort effectively strikes that familiarly new feeling. There’s the comfort of nostalgia but just enough guitar fuzz to give it an updated re-examination.

Essential Tracks: “Burning Bright”, “Fen Drayton”, and “Fold Up Chair”

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