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Check Out: Conveyor – “Mukraker”

on January 03, 2012, 12:20pm

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It’s easy for a band to get lost in the genre pitfall that is “experimental pop.” Countless acts across the globe work diligently to take the warm comfort and familiarity of standard pop and infuse it with artistic tendencies and sensibilities, which usually means lots of weird noises and feedback. Of all those bands who tackle the beast we adoringly refer to as pop, few actually reinvent the wheel; at best, they’ll only ever make something worth enjoying. Brooklyn’s Conveyor may be just another band slaving away at the experimenalt pop rock quarry, but their work is as fitting to the genre’s core notion as any group before them.

The four-piece, comprised of Timothy John Masters, Evan Michael Garfield, G Alan Busch Jr, and Michael Ryan Pedron, first came to blogosphere notoriety in summer 2011 with their EP, Sun Ray. The group skillfully culls inspiration from the electronics of a Yeasayer to the folkier sounds of a Fleet Foxes, building a sound that stakes its claim on gorgeous melodies and ultra-crisp harmonies. Utilizing acoustic guitars, synths, and even cardboard boxes, they strike at a sound that’s as alt-leaning as it is classically-tinged.

For a quick listen, turn no further than the recently-released single “Mukraker”. According to press for the song, it “channels hyperventilating Soviet-era cosmonauts trapped in spiraling death capsules, undocumented heroes propelled towards the infinite birth canal of the universe.” A fitting description, as labeling this drone-y number as merely “spacey” ignores the nuanced delivery and truly haunting, desolate feel. It’s a song where vintage horns and an old-school aesthetic merge violently and effectively with waves of junk noise and a modern-day vibe of true artistic merit and unsatisfied curiosity. Check out the studio version below, followed by a live performance video of the song filmed from a kitchen.

“Mukraker” is available as a digital download through Bandcamp and will be released on 7″ clear vinyl later this year. The band is also currently at work on their debut full-length LP. Stay tuned for more on that.

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