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Check Out: Early Radiohead demos, “Fat Girl” + “Lemming Trail”

on January 08, 2012, 8:16pm

radiohead on a friday Check Out: Early Radiohead demos, Fat Girl + Lemming Trail

In November, two demos of Radiohead circa 1986 hit the web, offering a glimpse of the iconic rock band at a time when they were still referred to as On A Friday and without guitarist Jonny Greenwood. Now, the same YouTube user who posted the first two demos has unveiled another, entitled “Fat Girl”. Reportedly recorded at the Abingdon School, where the band originally met, the track is super Smiths-esque, with Thom Yorke crooning his best Morrissey impression alongside a jangly guitar part. Check it out below, alongside another track from the same demo tape, “Fragile Friend”, which also surfaced in November (via At Ease).

Update: A fifth demo has surfaced, entitled “Lemming Trail”. Check that one out below as well.

“Fat Girl”:

“Lemming Trail”

“Fragile Friend”:

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