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Giveaway: Philips Fidelio SoundAvia Wireless Speaker

on January 06, 2012, 4:00pm

 Giveaway: Philips Fidelio SoundAvia Wireless Speaker

I’d like to think that I was among the company of many who were only vaguely familiar with CES. I now realize that I was in the sincere minority of folks who are only vaguely familiar with CES and that’s totally my bad.  The International Consumer Electronics Show, for those also in the minority, is an annual convention showcasing the electronic inventions and innovations that will shape the year to come. From Tetris, to the DVD, to the Blu-Ray, tons of game-changing products were first showcased at CES.

Consequence of Sound, in partnership with Philips Consumer Lifestyle, will be attending CES this year to get the lay of some whoozits and flimbjiabs for you. “So, is Philips sponsoring you?” Yes, they are, but only because we like them just as much as they like us. For real — we’re jazzed about this collabo. After all, who doesn’t want to be in “the know” about high-end technology, especially high-end technology that’s created to make music sound great?

I can see eyes narrowing. Look, few people are more skeptical and cynical than I, so just trust us on this: we’re giving away Philips Fidelio SoundAvia wireless speaker with AirPlay AD7000W. That’s the ultimate “I don’t want to get up to change the song” machine that you can control right from where you’re sitting. It works wirelessly with your iPod, iPhone, iPad — anything with iTunes and sounds fantastic. Fidelio is Philips’ premium audio line.

To win, you gotta follow Philips @ObsessedwSound on Twitter and tweet this from your account:

“@Coslive and @ObsessedwSound say you can RT this for a chance to win Philips Fidelio Speakers http://bit.ly/xkXKFa #PhilipsCES”

If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s 2012, so… seriously? We will notify the winner via Twitter on Friday, January 13th so you have to be following CoS too, but I know most of you already do so I don’t need to reiterate that, yeah?

In sum: you can win this the ultimate wireless speaker for people who don’t like to get up from what they’re doing, we’re going to CES with Philips, we’re gonna be tweeting about CES and Philips to widen this Venn Diagram between music lovers and gadget lovers, and there’s going to be another Philips giveaway of a new product they’re debuting at CES sometime later. Exciting? Hell yeah.

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