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In Photos: The Weezer Cruise

on January 26, 2012, 10:00am

weezer banners 03 In Photos: The Weezer Cruise

Last weekend, Backstage Rider‘s Mikala Taylor hit the high seas for five days of distortion. She returned safely and unscathed, though we can’t speak for her ears. We’re pretty sure she had a blast, nonetheless, but we’ll let the photos do the talking.

We’re not sure when, exactly, the full surrealism of being on a boat sailing from Miami to Mexico as part of The Weezer Cruise actually hit.

Was it when Weezer played “Hash Pipe” shortly after the ship’s horns sounded and we left Vice City? Or was it when a Dinosaur Jr. fan stage dived into the second row of a plush theatre bench splitting his face open? Could it have been the look on the faces of folks only JUST now discovering Sebadoh? Was the fact that with not one, not two, but SEVEN shows onboard in his various bands and solo act, Lou Barlow should have had the tour renamed the LouCruise? Was it having fajitas on a beach in Cozumel with Daniel Blumberg from Yuck? Or chatting with Rivers Cuomo about UK band Male Bonding? Or telling the Nervous Wreckords to look out for us from the beach while we para sailed? Or drunkenly lurching at Peter Silberman and Michael Lerner from The Antlers while we noshed on late-night deli foods?

Yeah, all of that. That’s when it hit.

For four days between January 19-23, fans the world over hopped on board an enormous booze boat for a truly unique and rather amazing adventure on the high seas. Forget grandparents in socks and sandals, this was a boat filled with indie rock music fans of all ages getting down to their favourite bands in the sunshine. There was way too much drinking, way too much partying, way too many late nights, way too many extended guitar solos, and thus, way too many moments of cheering which, in turn, destroyed one’s vocal chords and ears.

It was, in a few words, just way too much fun. Can we get back on-board?

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