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Metallica 3D film in the works

on January 06, 2012, 12:50pm

metallica04 Metallica 3D film in the works

Photo by Robert Kidd

Step aside James Cameron, Avatar has met its match: Metallica. According to the group’s official site, there is an official 3D Metallica film slated to hit the silver screens around 2013 (via Blabbermouth). Rumors had been circulating the web over the past few months, stemming from reports by back in October of a self-financed 3D venture from the group, to be produced by Charlotte Huggins (Journey to the Center of the Earth). While those details are still unconfirmed, the site did state that the film’s in “the very early stages of production” and that they “don’t have all the finer points nailed down just yet.” As always, stay tuned as this story develops.

In other Metallica news, the group’s latest digital four-track EP, Beyond Magnetic, will see a physical release worldwide on January 30th and in the US on January 31st. If you recall, the EP features tracks leftover from the group’s Death Magnetic sessions; more specifically, “Hate Train”, “Just a Bullet Away”, “Hell and Back”, and “Rebel of Babylon”. How old-school, huh?

Don’t forget about Lulu, too.

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