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Third Man Records reveals first 2012 vault package, includes rare White Stripes outtakes

on January 06, 2012, 1:16pm

tmrvault11800 Third Man Records reveals first 2012 vault package, includes rare White Stripes outtakes

Well, here’s one way to start a weekend (or your first credit statement of the year). Only a mere six days into 2012, Third Man Records has already announced the next  package in its Vault subscription series. It’s quite an assortment, too.

The real diamond of the package, however, is a 7″ of White Stripes outtakes, featuring early recordings of “Dead Leaves” and “Let’s Build a Home”. These two specific tracks were recorded while tracking the group’s 1999 self-titled album. It’s a release Third Man is certainly excited over, stating, “This piece is truly for the fans and getting songs like these into their hands was the explicit reason the Vault was created.”

Also included is the third and final volume of the Vault’s singles compilation. As the store’s website reports, “We’ve loved the idea of these singles comps but are putting these baby’s to rest, maybe one day they’ll come out in some other form, but vault members will be the only ones with the vinyl albums!” No word on specific titles, but the compilation will include a fold-out poster that “lines up with the posters from previous singles compilations.”

To keep up-to-date with their skillful crafts, the package also sports a color-changing, solar-reactive Third Man T-shirt. For fashionistas out there, the shirt changes from yellow to white, but most of all, as the store’s website insists, it gives “a reason for record collectors to venture outdoors!” Perhaps they’re forgetting about Record Store Day?

Check out Third Man Records for more information regarding release dates and pricing.

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