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Video: Big Freedia brings bounce to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

on January 26, 2012, 3:34am

big freedia kimmel Video: Big Freedia brings bounce to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thanks to the power of late-night TV, countless bands and singers have reached a population of music listeners they would’ve never been able to otherwise. Last night, New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia joined that list of such acts when she made her grand debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing “Excuse” and “Nah Who Mad”. Backed by dancers right out of Stomp The Yard, Freedia, decked out in matching zebra pants and shirt, popped her way onto the stage before letting lose an auditory assault featuring his one-of-a-kind shouting/flow, a helpin’ of boomin’ bass, and uber jerky drum machines. More than just brining bounce to a wider audience, Freedia’s in-your-face approach and unrelenting pace made it seem as if all of the country had stumbled into an underground dive somewhere in the Garden District. Watch the replay below.


“Na Who Mad”: