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Video: Iron & Wine – “Godless Brother In Love”

on January 03, 2012, 11:37am

iron wine godless brother in love youtube Video: Iron & Wine   Godless Brother In Love

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a total misanthrope, Iron & Wine‘s music video for “Godless Brother In Love” truly romanticizes the idea of friendship. In said clip, a group of friends walk through fields and brooks, throw an epic food fight, make time for semi-nude swimming in a quarry, and engage in a lot of awkward-looking embraces and overly dramatic pouting. Truly, those are the core values to any long-lasting friendship. Feel the guilty tinge to call your own friends after watching the video below. Also catch it at Cluster 1.

Iron & Wine’s latest album, Kiss Each Other Clean, is out now.

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